Double your NEAR instantly with TAYC’s Coin Flip or Rock, Papers, Scissors.

The odds are 50/50 with a 3.5% fee that goes to TAYC NFT holders. Gamers are also entered into our weekly jackpot to win NFT and NEAR prizes.

You’re in safe hands. We’re the #1 trusted gaming site on NEAR with over 1M USD flipped and we have partnered with many blue chip projects.


We have two successful games on our platform including our iconic RoPaSci (Rock Paper Scissor) and CoinFlip.

Our gamers enjoy being part of a very active Discord community

Leaderboards including win streaks, game wide stats and gamer stats.

Players also benefit from a number of gamification elements.

Bimonthly NEAR NFT prizes including whale jackpot.

Our game roadmap will focus on the following:

Game Improvement – Continuing to add fun and gamification to our existing games to improve playability.

New games – To add new games to our collection.

Gamer Community – To further grow and maintain a friendly space for our community to chat on Discord.

Multiplayer games – To add PvP versions of our game such as Battle Royale.

Partner NFT Projects

We are THE trusted brand in the NEAR coin flip and mini game space. We have launched projects for:

Why do the top NFT collections partner with TAYC?

  • We help build and strengthen their brand.
  • We delight and engage their community.
  • We provide an additional revenue stream.
  • We are experienced, trusted and proven web3 experts.



Soleco – Marketing & Communications

TAYC’s lead marketer brings 20 years experience in web2 digital marketing. He founded and managed a digital agency in travel and ran a number of niche publishing websites. His experience in branding, marketing, project management, copywriting and business processes is a great asset to the team.

AreuwinningSon – Dev

A computer science graduate with four years experience as a data engineer he is now a complete devotee to web3 development. AreuwinningSon came up with the idea for TAYC and wears many hats, including creating new brands, writing smart contracts or growth marketing.

Bagel – Dev

The primary developer behind TAYC, Bagel brings 10 years of experience as a full stack developer from various roles including a web2 educational platform. A computer science graduate, he loves coffee and sleepless nights.

Dojo – Designer & Dev

Our third developer with a computer science background, Dojo also has four years experience as a product manager at one of France’s largest companies. He combines dev expertise with a rare combination talent as being also a designer and animator.



  • 19th Feb – Test Version of Rock, Paper, Scissors launched.
  • 7th March – Public Mint Sold Out.
  • 9th March – RoPaSci launched.
  • 15th March – Coin Flip launched.
  • 16th March – First Partner collaboration – Near Extinct Heroes.
  • 20th March – Marketing and community team members added.
  • 25th March – Lottery launched.
  • 21st April – Version 2 of gaming app launched. UI and speed overhaul.
  • 23rd April – Weekly jackpot launched.
  • 26th April – NEARton and Tuff Toucans collaboration goes live.
  • 28th April – Affiliate programme launched.
  • 6th May – Staking goes live.
  • 7th May – Record day – 5,440 Near flipped.
  • 13th May – 0 TAYCs listed.
  • 16th May – Win / Lose streak added.
  • 24th May – Coin Flip volume up 300% from April.
  • 31st May – Whale jackpot launched with whale leaderboard.
  • 4th June – NEARNauts Coin Flip goes live.
  • 15th June – Record day – 5,468 Near flipped.
  • 15th June – Jackpot moves to bimonthly with bigger prizes.
  • 24th June – ROI for holders is 5.55% – #1 on NEAR.
  • 6th July – Holders percentage increased from 65% to 75%.
  • 13th July – Net Gain Leaderboard goes live.
  • 31st July – Coin Flip Discord Bot Launched

Play Double Or Nothing

Double your NEAR instantly with TAYC's Coin Flip or Rock, Paper, Scissors.